Prof. Dr. M. Khalid Khan:
Quantum Optics, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Game Theory and Nuclear Physics.

Dr. Imrana Ashraf:
Effects of cooperative atomic interactions in one and two photons micromaser. Role of pump phase fluctuations in micromaser. Fiber 3db coupler-an interferometric sensor. Measurement of atomic wave function, interferometric approach. Quantum non-demolition measurement of quantized cavity field using atom probe. Dynamics of two level atom in the presence of gravitational field. Study of Coherence properties of Bose-Einstein condensate.

Dr. Abdul Hameed Toor:

Current research is in the field of quantum information theory. The Group is currently involved in problems related to quantum open system dynamics with particular focus on the non-Morkovian dynamics, quantum capacities, entanglement sudden death, quantum jump approach, quantum state discrimination, and application of mathematical frame work of game theory to quantum information.


Research Groups