In addition to the central library, the department enjoys a departmental seminar library facility which has around 1500 physics books. During the period of last year a handsome number of new books were added in the collection keeping in view the needs of teaching and research in various disciplines of physics. The database in the library has also been computerized to facilitate locating the literature. Presently the department is subscribing to 13 scientific journals. In addition, a digital library facility established by the Higher Education Commission provides access to more than 17,000 scientific journals.


The department enjoys the internet connectivity and computing facility of the Computer Network Cell which is located in the Physics Building. In addition, a departmental computer facility has been established to cater to the student computer needs and for use in the courses requiring computations.


The Department has a mechanical workshop of its own in addition to the main workshop of the university. It has a dual purpose of assisting the experimental work and training the research students in workshop practice. It consists of lathe machines, a drilling machine, a cutter and a grinder along with a few other implements. For precision work, the department makes use of the machines in the Central Workshop.

The department also maintains an electronics workshop now upgraded to the Equipment Maintenance Cell (EMC) which does trouble-shooting for the scientific equipment and also acts as a service facility for the entire university.