Experimental PLASMA PHYSICS:

Prof. Dr. M. Zakaullah
Dr. M. Shafiq


Major Research Facilities:

  • Pulsed dc (50Hz and 40-60kHz) plasma
  • RF (13.56 MHz) plasma (capacitively coupled and inductively coupled).
  • Magnetic core enhanced inductively coupled RF (13.56 MHz) plasma.
  • One meter monochromator and compact spectrometer.
  • Computerized and manual Langmuir probes.
  • Avantes compact Raman spectrometer
  • Microharddness testers


  • Different experiments to diagnose pulsed dc and RF generated plasmas by optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probe are underway, aimed to enhance active species and ultraviolet radiation.
  • The plasmas are employed for surface hardening and sterilization.
  • The treated substrates are characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and surface hardness.

 Theoretical PLASMA PHYSICS:

Prof. Dr. Arshad M. Mirza
Dr. Majid Khan

  • Research interests include the study of nonlinear dynamics and chaotic behavior of electrostatic/electromagnetic ETG/ITG driven modes in the presence of equilibrium density, temperature and magnetic field gradients in the presence of sheared plasma flows. Study of the formation and stability of dipolar, tripolar and vortex chains in dust-contaminated magnetoplasma as well as in electron-positron-ion plasma systems. Nonlinear study of solitons and shocks in dense quantum plasmas.
  • Further, our research interests include the behavior of fast/energetic ions in toroidal fusion devices. For that we use Symplectic integrations based codes, namely SIDOC (Symplectic Integration Drift Orbit Code) for computing the fast ion trajectories in a given geometry and then use these trajectories along with Chirikov like algorithm to calculate the radial diffusion coefficient.

Research Groups