PH-402 Atomic and Molecular Physics 

  1. The hydrogen atom, the Schrödinger equation, solution of the angular equation, solution of the radial equation, spin of the electron, spin-orbit interaction, the fine structure of hydrogen, parity, selection rules, transitions between fine-structure levels.
  2. Helium, the ground state of helium, excited states of helium, spin eigenstates, transitions in helium
  3. Many electron atoms, shell structure and the periodic table, Theoretical models for multielectron atoms, The model of Independent Electrons, The Hartee method, The Hartree-Fock Method, Configuration Interaction
  4. Couplings of Angular Momenta, LS coupling scheme, jj coupling scheme, hyperfine structure and isotope shift.
  5. Atoms in External Fields, The Stark Effect, The Zeeman Effect (normal and anomalous Zeeman effects).
  6. The Einstein A and B coefficients, the laser, Pumping, population inversion, rate equations and lasing conditions, optical resonators
  7. Fundamentals of Quantum Theory of Chemical Bonding, The Hydrogen-Molecule Ion H2+, The Tunnel Effect, The Hydrogen Molecule H2, Covalent-Ionic Resonance, Hybridization, The π Electrons of Benzene C6H6


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