PH-504 Condensed Matter Physics-II                     (Pre-requisite PH-403)

  1. Electron levels in a periodic potential: weak periodic potential, tight-binding method, alternative band-structure calculations.
  2. The semi-classical model of electron dynamics and conduction in metals, Fermi surface and its measurement, band structure of selected metals.
  3. Dielectric properties of insulators, response to an alternating field.
  4. Homogeneous and inhomogeneous semiconductors, doping.
  5. Occurrence of superconductivity, destruction of superconductivity by magnetic fields, Meissner effect, microwave and infrared properties. London equation, BCS ground state, flux quantization, duration of persistent currents. Type-II superconductors, vortices, Josephson superconductor tunneling, DC and AC Josephson effect, macroscopic quantum interferometry, high temperature superconductors.
  6. Diamagnetism and paramagnetism: Langevin equation, quantum theory of mononuclear system, rare earth ions, Hund’s rules, iron group atoms, crystal field splittings, isentropic demagnetization, nuclear demagnetization.
  7. Ferromagnetism and anti-ferromagnetism: Curie point, exchange integrals, saturation magnetism at absolute zero, magnons, neutron magnetic scattering. Ferrimagnetism, Curie temperature and susceptibility below the Neel temperature, antiferromagnetic magnons.
  8. Nanophysics: imaging techniques including electron, optical, scanning, atomic force microscopy.


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