PH-306 Electromagnetic and Relativity Theory                                 (Pre-req. PH-302) 

  1. Electromotive force and motional emf, Faraday’s law, induced electric field, energy stored in electric and magnetic fields.
  2. Current conservation, modification to Ampere’s law, magnetic charge, magnetic monopoles, Maxwell’s equations, gauge invariance.
  3. Conservation of momentum, Poynting’s theorem, Newton’s third law in electrodynamics, Newton’s third law in electrodynamics, Maxwell’s stress tensor, angular momentum of fields.
  4. Magnetic and electric polarizabilities, Maxwell equations in a medium, dielectrics and magnetic materials, boundary conditions.
  5. Wave equation, general solution, Fourier expansion, reflection and transmission of plane waves, electromagnetic waves in vacuum.
  6. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in conducting media and in ionized gases, reflection and transmission at normal and oblique incidence, absorption and dispersion of electromagnetic waves in a conductor.
  7. Inertial frames, postulates of special relativity, invariant interval, Lorentz transformation, time dilation and length contraction, relativistic Doppler shift.
  8. Relativistic energy and momentum, four-vectors, kinematics of collisions, centre-of-mass, rapidity and pseudo rapidity.
  9. Four vector potentials and currents, covariant form of Maxwell equations, field strength tensor and constructed invariants, plane-wave solutions of Maxwell equations, transversality.


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