PH-505 Introduction to Quantum Information and Computation

  1. Introduction and overview, history of quantum information and computation, quantum bit, entanglement, example of EPR or Bell states
  2. Quantum computation: Single and multiple qubit gates, quantum circuits, quantum copying circuit
  3. Quantum teleportation and superdense coding
  4. The density operator: ensemble of quantum states, general properties of density operator, reduced density operator, postulates of quantum mechanics in density operator formulism
  5. Schmidt decomposition and purification
  6. Entropy and information: Shannon entropy, basic properties of entropy, binary entropy, relative entropy, conditional entropy and mutual information, von-Neuman entropy and its basic properties


  1. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, M.A. Nielson and I.I Chuang, Cambridge University Press (2000)
  2. Approaching Quantum Computing, D.C. Marinescu and G.M. Marinescu, Pearson Prentice Hall (2005)


Recommended texts: