PH-709 Experimental Plasma Physics

  1. Plasma generation: Energy storage and transfer for high temperature plasma generation and current drive techniques. Z-pinch, -pinch, and plasma focus devices. Cold plasma generation, characteristics of DC glow discharge, RF discharges and cold plasma reactors.
  2. Probes for plasma diagnostics: Rogowski coil, high voltage probe, magnetic probe, Langmuir probe, voltage loops and Mirnov coils.
  3. Charged particle and neutron diagnostics: Faraday cups and solid state nuclear track detectors for detection and analysis of charged particles, Time-resolved and time-integrated neutron measurement.
  4. Laser as a diagnostic tool : Propagation of (optical frequency) electromagnetic wave through plasma both in the absence and presence of magnetic field, shadowgraphy and schlieren imaging, interferometry and determination of plasma density, measurement of magnetic field by Faraday rotation, Thomson and Rayleigh scattering.
  5. X-ray diagnostics of plasmas: X-ray emission from plasmas, absorption filters and their selection, time-resolved x-ray detectors, pinhole imaging camera, estimate of plasma electron temperature.
  6. Plasma Spectroscopy: Radiative processes in plasmas, Collisional processes in plasmas, statistical plasma models, plasma optical spectroscopy, and evaluation of plasma parameters.


Books Recommended: