1. Interatomic Bonding in Materials: Bonding in Elemental Materials (Covalent, Metallic and van der Waals Bonding), Bonding in Multielement Materials (Ionic, Mixed Ionic-Covalent Bonding, Hydrogen Bonding), Effects of Nature of Bonding on Materials Properties.
  2. Structure of Crystalline Solids:  Basic Structural and Symmetry Concepts, Concept of Diffraction in a Periodic Lattice, Structural Information from X-ray Diffraction and other Diffraction Techniques. Crystal Structures of Metals and Ceramic Materials.
  3. Defects and Imperfections in Crystalline Solids: Point Defects (vacancies, interstitials, impurities, F-centres) and their stability Line and Extended Defects (Dislocations, Grain Boundaries, Stacking Faults, Interfacial, Surface and Volumetric Defects). Effect of Defects on the Properties of Materials.
  4. Non Crystalline Solids: Amorphous Materials / Glasses (Glass formation, Glass Transition and Crystallization of Glasses, Various Glass Forming Systems). Random Closed Packing in Metallic Glasses, Continuous Random Network in Covalent Glasses.
  5. Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations: Basic Concepts, Equilibrium Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations – Basic Concepts, Kinetics, Metastable versus Stable Transformations, Microstructure Development, Precipitation and Dispersion Hardening, Multi Component and Multi Phase Systems, Alloys,  Equilibrium Structures, Phase Separation.
  6. Surfaces and Interfaces: Geometry of Interfaces, Coherent and Commensurate Interfaces, Stacking Period and Interplanar Spacing, Defects on Surfaces, Experimental Determination and Creation of Surfaces, Surface Characterization Techniques (LEED, RHEED, MBE, STM and AFM) and Their Principles.
  7. Soft Condensed Matter: Introduction to Soft Matter, Colloidal Dispersions, Gels and Gelation, Liquid Crystals; Structures and Textures in Liquid Crystals. Polymers; Molecular Weight, Molecular Structure, Stereo and Geometric Isomerism, Thermoplastics, Thermosets and Elastomers, Crystallinity of Polymers, Copolymers, Biological Molecules, Concept of Self Assembly in Block Copolymers and Biomolecules. 

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