PH-620 Quantum Information Theory-I

  1. Review of Classical Information Theory: Information and Physics, Quantifying Information, Shannon Entropy,  Data Compression, Huffman Coding, Relative Entropy, Joint Entropy, Conditional Entropy, Mutual Information, Shannon’s noiseless channel coding theorem
  2. Review of Quantum Mechanics: Pure and Mixed States, Density Operator, Trace and Partial Trace Operations,  Postulates of Quantum Mechanics in Density Operator Formulism
  3. Basics of Quantum Information Theory: Von-Neumann Entropy, Quantum Data Compression, Relative Entropy, Conditional Entropy and Mutual Information
  4. Quantum circuits, operation of quantum computer, universal gates for quantum computation, building blocks of a quantum computer, quantum algorithms, Deutsch algorithm and Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm
  5. Physical implementations of quantum computation: Physical requirements for the physical implementation of quantum information processing, Rydberg atoms in microwave cavity, Ion trap quantum computer, cavity QED based quantum computer, optical quantum computer
  6. Quantum Cryptography: Review of Classical Cryptography, Quantum Key Distribution Protocols, privacy amplification and information reconciliation, security of quantum key distribution.


Text/Reference books: