PH-712 Quantum Optics-II

  1. Beam Splitters and interferometers: Experiment with single photon, Quantum Mechanics of Beam splitters, Interferometry with a single photon, Interaction free measurement, Intereferometry with coherent states of light.
  2. Nonclassical Light: Quadrature squeezing, Generation of quadrature squeezed light, Detection of quadrature squeezed light, Amplitude (or number) squeezed states, Photon antibunching, Schrodinger cat states, Two-mode squeezed vacuum states.
  3. Atomic Coherence and Interference: Coherent trapping-dark states, Electromagnetically induced transparency, Lasing without inversion, Refractive index enhancement via quantum coherence.
  4. Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics: Rydberg atoms, Rydberg atoms interaction with a cavity field, Experimental realization of the Jaynes-Cummings model-micromaser, Generation of number state in high-Q cavity, Creating entanglement in cavity Quantum electrodynamics.
  5. Quantum theory of damping: General reservoir theory, Atomic decay by thermal and squeezed reservoirs, Field damping.
  6. Optical Test of Quantum Mechanics: Photon sources-spontaneous parametric down conversion, The Houng-Ou-Mandal Interferometer, The quantum eraser, Induced coherence, Superluminal tunneling of photons, Optical test of local realistic theories and Bell’s theorem.


Recommended texts/references: