PH-401 Quantum Mechanics-II                                (Pre-requisite PH-305) 

  1. Motion of a particle in a central potential. Separation of variables, effective potential, solution for the Coulomb problem. Spectrum of the hydrogen atom.
  2. Spin as an internal degree of freedom, intrinsic magnetic moment, intrinsic angular momentum, spin-orbit interaction and total angular momentum.
  3. Identical particles: Many-particle systems, system of distinguishable noninteracting particles,   systems of identical particles, symmetrization postulate, Pauli exclusion principle and the periodic table.
  4. Time-independent perturbation theory: Nondegenerate perturbation theory, degenerate perturbation theory.
  5. The variational principle: Variational theorem, variational approximation method, the ground state of helium atom.
  6. The WKB approximation: WKB wave functions, general connection rules across a classical turning point, tunneling.
  7. Time-dependent perturbation theory: A perturbed two-level system, perturbation by an electromagnetic wave, transition into a continuum of states-Fermi’s golden rule, Oscillator strengths, selection rules.
  8. Scattering: Classical scattering theory, quantum scattering theory, partial wave analysis, phase shifts, the Born approximation.
  9. The adiabatic approximation: The adiabatic theorem, Berry’s phase, the Aharonov-Bohm effect.


Recommended texts: